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Retirement Homes In Bangalore

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Darshan Medicare

Retirement Homes In Bangalore

Single window solution for stress free old age living

Darshan Medicare Home provides senior residents with a safe, happy, and relaxed environment while also providing a high level of care. We have placed ourselves in the field of old age homes to set a benchmark in providing a quality home health centre in Bangalore. DarshanMedicare, was a pioneer in providing assisted living to seniors.Darshan Medicare is one of the leading senior citizen home health centres in Bangalore, having elderly homes in Jayanagar, Sarjapur Road, and Marathahalli. We at Darshan Medicare  are committed to providing an assisted living facility for seniors like

  • Providing respect and dignity for senior residents
  • Providing the best assisted living to the elderly on a 24/7 basis 
  • Our senior citizen homes offer the right freedom of choice and security.


Darshan Medicare senior citizens’ homes are meant for truly world-class assisted living. Our elderly home has state-of-the-art facilities like health care, fitness, food, and entertainment. Darshan Medicare’s senior citizen homes are located in a serene environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city’s traffic.

As an elderly home, we are able to respond quickly to the needs of our senior residents. Our assisted living centre is committed to continually evaluating and improving the quality and level of the care facilities and activities that we provide to our senior residents. Darshan Medicare’s home health centre treats each resident as an individual. Our elderly home provides senior assistance where the senior residents have all the liberty and freedom to lead an independent life just as they would at home.

Our Philosophy

Senior citizens are considered to be burdens and dependents in society. To change this perspective and to shoulder their responsibilities, we have started this initiative by providing senior citizen homes. We have offices in Jayanagar, Marathahalli, and Sarjapur Road. At Darshan Medicare, we ensure that senior living is not just a way of living but an ocean of opportunities, freedom, joy, and independence that no other elderly daycare will provide as we do. At Darshan Medicare, senior residents will discover a new way to enjoy life with peace and happiness. The thought behind starting this kind of old age home is simple yet profound. We understand that senior residents need to live a life filled with independence, dignity, joy, freedom, and security. So we at Darshan Medicare have carefully created an environment that encourages senior assistants to experience things that have been an integral part of their lives. At the same time, enjoy those moments that one might have missed out on in life while fulfilling their responsibilities at our elderly home.

Why Need for an assisted living facility like Darshan Medicare ?

  • Shrinking joint family system
  •  Single child family
  •  Abroad and out of station employment
  •  The increasing cost of living and maintenance
  •  Lack of manpower and resources for housing needs
  •  A difference of opinion among the family members
  •  Loss of freedom and independent living
  •  An increasing threat to life during old age
  •  Lonely living in houses
  •  Increasing medical ailments and lack of support

Who needs an independent living with Darshan Medicare ?

  • Senior residents who wish to stay away after their children’s marriage
  •  Senior residents whose children are either living separately or settled abroad
  •  Senior residents who wish to attach themselves on serving human society
  •  Senior citizens who prefer to live in a peaceful and secured ambience after their retirement
  •  Senior residents who are unmarried
  •  Senior residents who are childless and have no one to care
  •  Senior residents who are divorced, widow or a widower

Now it’s time to spend your mornings and afternoons sharing sweet moments with your better half while you earn an independent living. Strengthen your cultural bonds, make new friends, celebrate various festivals, meet like-minded couples, and live life to the fullest at our home health centre. Every facility at our senior citizen home is designed for senior citizens to assist and lead a better lifestyle in the coming times.

Stay young with us with best assisted living facility

Our mission is to create and operate a home health facility with passion, compassion, and dedication. We have realised that senior assistance is very important for senior living. Our goal is to make assisted living even more transparent and convenient for the residents of Darshan Medicare’s senior citizen home. Darshan Medicare is a habitat for senior residents where they can experience warmth and companionship. Our assisted living facility ensures freedom, liberty, and independent living. Our goal is to build a vibrant community with a sense of belonging and filled with enthusiasm. Our senior assisted living facility is a safe haven where seniors can live a secure and peaceful life. Since Darshan Medicare takes care of your daily needs and requirements, right from senior assistance, food, hygiene, cleanliness, health, and security, senior residents are free to enjoy a hassle-free life. At our assisted living facility, we realise that age may not permit the senior residents who are 75 years of age or older to undertake many daily activities. As a matter of fact, many senior citizens may not even have time to go looking for services that are equally important to them. Keeping this in mind, our old age home offers a whole range of essential services.
What We Offer

What Service We Offer

Darshan Medicare offers a comfortable lifestyle to aged seniors through a plush, secure, and rejuvenating environment. Every aspect of Darshan Medicare has been designed for the comfort of our residents so that they lead a happy and contented life. We instill immense love and care in our services so that you have a joyous and fulfilling experience during your stay.


Transitional Care

As a purely transitional care centre, Darshan Medicare offers comprehensive, and high-quality nursing services for patients during convalescence at an affordable cost.


Palliative Care

Darshan Medicare, Palliative care is for people suffering from a terminal illeness and who are suffering from complicated illness


Dementia Care

Darshan Medicare, Our Dementia Care facilities provide for superior care for your loved one impacted with Dementia in a homely environment. 


Geriatric Home Care

Darshan Medicare, Geriatric Care brings a comprehensive health solution to meet all ageing needs at home and in a cost-effective manner.


Senior Homes

Darshan Medicare’s Senior homes provides a secure, happy, and a relaxed home offering with a high standard of care to the senior resident.


Critical Care

Darshan Medicare, Critical care is for people suffering from a Critical illeness and who are suffering from complicated illness


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