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Darshan Medicare

Transitional Care: Rehabilitation Center In Bangalore

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Darshan Medicare

Transitional Care

We assist your loved ones in their speedy recovery!

We operate and manage well-designed transitional and rehab care facilities in which our experienced and compassionate team ensures total coordination and continuity of care for the elderly in accordance with the Darshan Medicare Management Protocol during their transition from hospital, home, or other settings, giving you peace of mind and the best care for your loved ones.

As part of our Transitional & Rehab care we provide for the following services:


Our unique 6-star assessment process lays the foundation for determining the right services needed for your loved ones under our care. We provide a variety of geriatric care services, which include:

Darshan Medicare’s Proprietary 6 Star Assessment Process | Structured care plan | 24×7 Medical supervision | Nursing care | Nutritious food | Physiotheraphy | Occupational Theraphy | Speech Therapy | Geriatric counselling | Ayurveda Treatment | Yoga & exercise | Recreation | Emergency management


All our care facilities are designed by healthcare architects in collaboration with our medical team, which is compliant with regulations and, most importantly, keeps patients’ safety at the core.

What We Offer

What Service We Offer

Darshan Medicare offers a comfortable lifestyle to aged seniors through a plush, secure, and rejuvenating environment. Every aspect of Darshan Medicare has been designed for the comfort of our residents so that they lead a happy and contented life. We instill immense love and care in our services so that you have a joyous and fulfilling experience during your stay.


Transitional Care

As a purely transitional care centre, Darshan Medicare offers comprehensive, and high-quality nursing services for patients during convalescence at an affordable cost.


Palliative Care

Darshan Medicare, Palliative care is for people suffering from a terminal illeness and who are suffering from complicated illness


Dementia Care

Darshan Medicare, Our Dementia Care facilities provide for superior care for your loved one impacted with Dementia in a homely environment. 


Geriatric Home Care

Darshan Medicare, Geriatric Care brings a comprehensive health solution to meet all ageing needs at home and in a cost-effective manner.


Senior Homes

Darshan Medicare’s Senior homes provides a secure, happy, and a relaxed home offering with a high standard of care to the senior resident.


Critical Care

Darshan Medicare, Critical care is for people suffering from a Critical illeness and who are suffering from complicated illness


We Take Care All Your Needs

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